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Nov 20, 2002
2 Weeks ago, Jess and I went out to PA to our favorite shop hoping to come home with another octo. Unfortunately, they did not have one so we debated over an Anglerfish and a Batfish. As we were deciding on the Angler this guy came tearing out of his hiding place! So for the moment anyway, he is reciding in my 44 Gal. He's about 8 inches long. Coloring is magnificent. Has quite a personality! He wouldnt' hold still so his pic is a tad blurry. Unfortunately, he looks like he was wild caught, and you can see he had tangled with something at some point.
Nice ! What a beautiful blue...yeah, those guys really love to tear around the tank, don't they?
Isn't he great? Reminds me of a dolphin swimming. He's a Bird Wrasse. Need to do some research to figure out where he's from. My sistor thinks Florida, but I think his coloring is a little different as he has a lighter color by his fins.
You are CORRECT sir! ..uh, miss. job! That would be Gomphosus varius, the RED SEA bird wrasse. By the picture, I can say it is an adult male of the species. However, he is not fully, grown, as it gets 11" long, and will require a 100gallon tank. It is a jumper, so keep the tank closed. More later, when I'm not skiving off homework.

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