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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Alright. It is obvious, I should never venture into That Pet Place when in Pa!!!!! They have a huge new salt department, and as Jess and I were browsing through, 2 bimacs, one already sold but one not. Guess who is now residing in Lil Pumpkins old tank?? Rummler curled up is about the size of a 50cent piece so I quess that makes him older on arrival than Inklet was. I came home and spent a good hour changing water, checking parameters, changing charcoal and dripped for a good 1/2 hour. Upon introduction into his tank he took his time coming out of the bag! When he finally ventured forth, he explored every crevice of the tank and upon last look had caught one of the little crabs, Jess and I catch and was happily munching in the back of the tank.

Rummler's pics aren't that great, but they're his arrival shots!!!!

So, again we are now a two octo family. Inklet was huge to begin with but now looks like a giant!!!
Hi Carol,

Well, what a surprise - but then again, maybe not!

Congratulations on giving Rummler a good home. How did you come up with that name? He looks like he'll fit right in.

Good pic of Inklet - you're right, he's really grown!

Hi Carol and congrats...

In Scots, if someone is a 'rummler' or 'rummeling about' it means that they are kinda carelessly searching for things like an example would be throwing all the cushions of the couch in the air to try and find car keys or something... LOL maybe that's how this one hunts? LOL Can also mean rolling
Congrats Carol, and good luck!

Rummler? Didn't he lead the Afrika Korps?
oh yeah...Rummler fought against that british guy...what was his name??????
Nice octos ! Congrats !
:D Thanks everyone!!!! You would never believe where that name came from......

Anyway, here's another shot of Rummler!!! I'm questioning whethor he is a bimac......Spot looks different, has a white center and he has that look of a vulgaris the way he puts his eyes up....What do you think???
Charming pic! Ollie used to do her eyes in the same way.

Try to get us a good pic of the spot for ID, Carol!

Rummler looks like he'll be fun.


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