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new octo!

Apr 29, 2007
well, I did it again... another octo, when I said I wouldn't. lol
And hello again!
I have been insanely busy with my business so have neglected this forum a bit. Sorry all.
Anyways, so the long and short of it is that I found an octo that looked a ton like Creepers, who I think was ID's as an O/ Vulgaris.

The biggest difference is that this little bugger is eating like crazy!
He took out 2 mithras crabs that were in the tank (a 44 gal corner hex with 405 fluval and a skimmer rated at 250 gal. with frequent water changes.)yesterday when I got him.
Tonight, I fed him by hand! Already! I am shocked and excited.
I got some uncooked shrimp and put it on the end of a feeding stick.
One tenticle came out of his cubby hole, then another, and before I knew it, we were playing tug-o-war! lol. I was amazing the strength of the bugger!
Oh, I would like to mention that we were playing tug-o-war AFTER he started eating the shrimp. lol

The interesting thing is that whenever he sees me, he actually starts flashing colors. He goes from pale white, to a dark purple/brown. It is not very fast, not agresive flashing, more how you would see light playing over a rock under the water.

Ok, well... I am babbeling now, but I just had to share my excitement with somebody. lol
Most of my friends think I am nuts to like a creature like an octo.
But then... I guess to be fair...I kind of AM a tad nuts at times. :sagrin:

Happy evening all.


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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: back and :welcome: to your new octo!

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