Oops....New Octo...Need Name Suggestions!!

Squidbits....Hmmmm....I asked my daughor about Henry and she broke out in song......"Henry the Octopus....." Didn't know if I could handle that.....Maybe I should let her 2nd Grade class come up with suggestions!!

May have to investigate Tolkein.....Anything strange and bizarre is fitting I think!!!

Haven't had any sighting since his arrival. Have seen the local shrimp running around with hermit crab legs, so I know he's eating! I am anxious to see what he is and what his behavior is like compared to bimacs!
OOOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEEE I KNOW TOLKIEN NAMES!!!! Shelob, Gorbag, Shagrat, Lugburz, Ufthak, Gandalf, Minas Morgul, Gimli! Man he sure does like the letter G doesnt he?
Yeah the salad finger dude was disturbing!!!! I was origanaly going to name my octo "Sir Winston Squishy" becase it kinda looks like Winston Churchhill. Then there was "Leno" the subject of a song by Royksopp( A great duo) but that would be too depressing due to the content of the song. So I decided on Ripley from the Alien movies.

Donni Darko
Looks like Gilbert it is!!! Day 6 and still no sighting, but I noticed the opening under a rock has gotten quite a bit bigger and hermit crabs continue to disapear :mrgreen: !!! I am anxiously resisting hunting for him under the rock....It is quite a struggle, as I've never had one hide this long before....Must resist.....
I had a sighting this morning!!! Just an arm but a very deffinate arm! I was peering around the tank with a small flashlight, and it looked like he was trying to push the ray of light away from his cave!!!! Still not sure what it is. Body looked alittle irredescent and for a moment I thought I saw light blue spots???? :shock: But not as pronounced as our deadly little octo can be... I hope not but it was weriod for a second.

Anyway, will keep you posted! I am happy he is still with us!!!
corw314 said:
I was peering around the tank with a small flashlight, and it looked like he was trying to push the ray of light away from his cave!!!!

:lol: Gilbert and I feel the same way about mornings.

Glad you had a sighting! Let's hope Gilbert is not a BRO. I think a few people posted that their BROs were very visible and very active, very different from your reclusive Gilbert.

Just a bit of opinion here...having kept blue rings before, have never noticed them to be aggressive in any way...I wouldn't worry. The long tentacle thing does sound a little like them though...the two we had both had extraordinarily long tentacles, but I am sure that is true for a variety of tropical species that have to pick hermit crabs and the like from deep cavities...
Glad to hear he/she is out and about a little more...great mental picture from the light and reaction..."is it safe?" (marathon man gambit) :shock:
Is it possible that Gilbert is nocturnal? If so, you could use a flashlight with a red lens to view his activities.

Also, some octos like briareus have some irridescent blue on them. They have long arms, but Gilbert doesn't sound too much like them.

Sooo....I have this habit of keeping my lights on, on all of my tanks all the time.....Have done this for years, and no major algea problem. So I have nightlights all over my house....Does this mean I am traumatizing this possibly nocturnal Gilbert??? Would he eventually adjust to the light on 24/7? Should I put a red celaphane or similiar red something over the light, to see if he becomes more active?
either that or blue...maybe just dim it enough to where he will poke his head out...maybe he is just shy !
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