Oops....New Octo...Need Name Suggestions!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I have a new octo!!! Thought about Ripley, but see we have one already named that!!!Not sure even what it is, but he has long arms and that together with the staff of That Pet Place in Pa, we have ruled out a Bimac, and a Dwarf and I know it does not look like G2, who is a Carribean Two Spot! Acclimation went very smoothly, for him anyway. I dripped him for about 45 minutes. I cut away plastic from the large bag he was in, as he was all balled up in the corner of the bag. He took about 15 minutes, before he felt comfortable enough to come off the plastic. Even touched my hand! I did a waterchange on Inklets old tank and after a flood from the protein skimmer, cutting my finger, dropping all sorts of things, he is happily reciding under a large rock. Longest arms I have ever seen so I'm thinking maybe a Vulgaris??? My plan if he is one of the larger species, being he's in a 44 gal Pentagon, is once he outgrows the tank, offer him to the Aquarium in Pt. Pleasant!!! His size, his mantle is about an inch. Did not observe any type of eyespot. So far so good! I keep seeing arms feeling around! :mrgreen:
Once I get an octopus, im thinking of naming it either "Armstrong" obviously...lol, or "Ruby", cuz I love that color.
As for your octopus, it looks really neat and I like Octopuses with lon tentacles, but im not too sure of what to name it. Probably at least something that fits its features such as its long arms...but im still thinking on that one.
Hazel???? :shock: No I couldn't resist!!! Never can. Have gotten used to having one at both ends of my house!!!! :mrgreen: Now comes the paitience part....I know where's he's holed up....He has many hermit crabs, snails and shrimp to munch on so I'm sure he will be scarce for a week or so!!!
Octomush said:
Or maybe even Hubert, Mr. Cumberdale, or Milford?

Hmmm....Salad Tentacles? (Don't ask, everyone it's a fairly strange and dark story)

Armstrong - how can you name your pet octopus after yourself?

I always thought Tolkein provides great names for pet octopi. Balrog, Gollum, Sauron, etc, all have the appropriate level of strangeness.
Ooooo oooo oooo! Me I got another how bout Miss Grapes or Miss Pea Pod cuz the octos tentacles look like little pods or grapes! :P I know Im a genious no need to thank me....

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