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Nov 20, 2002
Jess and I called our favorite shop in Pa yesterday morning and they had 2 octopuses which they held for us. We ran out there and they had 2 Vulgaris's, one about the size of a grapefruit, which was too large, and the other was a little smaller than a tennis ball so we brought this one home. He is happily residing in my feeder tank where G2 used to live in the livingroom. Acclimation went very smoothly. He happily crawled into my 1 cup measuring cup which made it very easy to transport him into the tank without mishap. As of last night he was holed up in the back of a large barnicle. I don't think I will be seeing him for a while as he has many choices of locally caught food in that tank.

The first pic is him at the shop. He has 7 arms. Looks like he was in quite a battle as several ends of his arms are also missing.

I sighted eggs with Gimpy. She has not emerged in a week now. Is refusing all food and when I shined a light under the rock saw a large cluster of eggs she's guarding. Kind of sad as her behavior changed so suddenly. Will have to wait and see if they are fertile.
This is the second....I may have had a smaller baby before Gimpy but for whatever reason that one only lasted 2 weeks. I was counting octos since I joined here and I believe this is #9. :mrgreen: Boring....never!!! I just love them! Even when they are hiding...I noticed Egor has chosen the barnicle where he can see the reflection in the back of the tank of who's looking at him!
This morning I raced out to the livingroom to see what Egor is doing and notice this little irredescent white blob now under the barnicle. He looks like a little blueish/white ghost with dark brown eyes. He's sooo cool. So different from all the bimacs I have owned. I am thrilled to see he must have been out exploring last night. But cautious as I know the first week is critical on whethor they survive or not. I noticed all the crabs are towards the front of the tank. I almost feel bad for them cause they must have realized they are now living with one of their enemies.

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