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Looking for octos in Canada (Ontario)


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Sep 4, 2006
Life span is average (about 12-18 months) for a warm water, medium sized octopus. There are several secure top suggestions in the tank talk forum's stuck How To thread and additional build out pictures in its Tank Buildouts sticky.

You will want to be very sure to securely cover any access to the impeller for any kind of power head. I use a Koralia style for water movement and put a zippered mesh filter bag around it. Dark accesses are a lure for arms and if they terminate in an impeller, missing arms (at best) will occur. Be sure to provide plenty of dark secure places for it do den. If you can see it, it will not feel secure. One big disadvantage of getting an animal this young is that you will not see much of it for a few months.

Here are a bunch of photos to help sex the animal. I think it is too young yet to detect the hectocotylized arm though. When it approaches 5 months old you should begin to see the telltale curled arm (third arm to the right as you align your eyes with the animal's).