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Don’t know if my thread b4 this posted to where everyone can see so anyone looking to buy this can be for you and I have questions too!

Jul 25, 2019
I switched this message around so most won’t have to read all this. In my research I have found these that had em in stock as of about week or two ago.
1.fishy business aquatics (this is where I bought from)
2. The fish place I just got email back yesterday that they have them in stock now
3.aquarium fish sale has em if you can get guy to take pics when he goes out to warehouse or so he says
4.blue zoo aquatics
5.petes Aquariums (they seem to way to grown though)
6. There’s a couple more I can find again if someone doesn’t have any luck. Just message me and I’ll be glad to help. Hope all this helps a few.
Now if you have time for the EXPERIENCED to help me please read on. Thank you in advance.

Been getting ready for octopus for at least 6+ months and yesterday was the day! Very stoked. Have lots of questions but definitely curious about a couple now. Also I have a bit of help from research that may help others.
1. Bought a baby and it’s even smaller than I thought. About 1 and 1/2 inches or so. After I got him on I turned lights off and figured it would be best for him to adjust. How long should I leave him be so I don’t stress him?
2. Have about 15-20 hermit crabs in there to eat bc I thought it would be best not to bother him for few days. Is that best or should I try to feed him in day or two?
3. Do I leave lights off during day and turn it on at night?
4. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THEM TO GROW. So worried bc he’s so small and this I would really like to know. What is usually rate they take to grow a bit?
5. I got it online and it came from Indo-pacific labeled “brown octopus”. I figured this was best bc I wanted a aculateusis so I figured I do-pacific was best bet. Also wouldn’t mind a briareus. Maybe ended up with vulgaris. Who knows bc I don’t think the sellers even know lol
6. I’ve researched conflicting salt levels/ temperature would be best for a octopus. I’ve read ***.22-24 then *****.25/26. Want it to be perfect so better low side or high side. Temperature I feel is very important and I know some of these things differ with different species. I’ve read the cooler the better so 72 is ideal but some say high as in 76-78?
7. How long is he going to hide from me? I have more but I’ve probably lost most people with it being long. Thank you everybody for any input!!!
  • Growth is all over the map, even within a species.
  • An octopus does not need anything but a little ambient light to distinguish day from night. You may light the tank during the daytime as you like but it needs dark to either hunt or sleep depending on the species. To observe it at night, light the tank with a red light (blue moon lights are thought to be to bright -- possibly brighter than white light to an octopus. If the animal is nocturnal, I suggest leaving the red light on all night so that there is never total darkness.
  • I suggest offering a small piece of thawed shrimp on a stick (a feeding stick or a bamboo skewer works well) each night at the same time even if the food is ignored. Once the octo takes it and learns the timing, you will likely see it nightly.
  • Specific gravity of 1.026 (salinity of 35 ppt) is full saltwater and should be used for octos and coral, lower salinity is often used for fish to help minimize parasites
Looking forward to photos and posts of your experience.
Next steps have been trying to find him which he was holed up in a little cave with a couple empty hermit crab shells to use like a door/cover but last few days I saw this. I’m pretty sure I saw it move but it’s been in the exact spot for like 4 days hasn’t budged that I’ve seen. Is this him? If it’s not then I don’t know what it is
Hmm, hard to tell (and I can't seem to play your video locally). It does appear that there may be a tentacle there in that shot, under the white body, but hard to tell.
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