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Jul 23, 2006
Hey all just wondering if i could get some ideas on how you go about sealing the top of the tank. I was just going to make my own screen for the top but wanted to get some ideas first. thanks
I use good old duck tape. Remember when you mention screen, nothing metal can be used as it's toxic to inverts. The GPO at the Baltimore Aquarium had a type of mesh attached to 2x4's bolted with cement blocks on top. Granted you don't need to be this extreme but I have always used a glass canopy and then proceeded to duck tape all openings.

Have you had saltwater experience? Check out the great threads and info under Cephcare.

And :welcome:

Yeah i have experiece, Iwork at a store in Charlotte NC just havent ever kept an octopus before so i want to take precautions. I hadent planned on using metal screan more of a window screen material but thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the reply.

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