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Ok thanks Nancy, the tank won't be sufficiently cycled until end of May, early June, so I'll do that as soon as it's ready =o).
Jim seems pretty notorious about not answering email. As frustrating as it can be, I get the impression that he's as busy as a one-armed wallpaper-hanger over there.

I've been crossing my fingers for a shipment this week, but Friday is coming up pretty fast!

Octopets is only Jim and one assistant, perhaps part time. They raise more than octos and cuttlefish, too, so Jim is very busy taking care of all the tanks as well as selling and shipping. That's why he's difficult to find and there are delays with the emails.

Nancy, congratulations on post number 2000!

I can't imagine how Jim gets everything done--even with an assistant-- especially now that he's raising seahorses! I wonder if he does a lot of wholesale with his macroalgaes and his abalones: I wouldn't think he'd ever break even with just the octos. Because of this I try not to let the email difficulties bother me as much as they would from a larger mail-order house.

Thanks, I didn't even notice that I was reaching a milestone! :smile:

One of our members who visited Octopets some months ago reported that Jim was raising mussels (and something else, I forget exactly what) for the restaurant trade. That probably brings in more than little bimacs.

yeah- the cost of feed must be quite high anyway and then the care taken means lots of time!!! hard work! but im sure he loves it lol - ive always thought the octos seemed quite cheap! i mean some places sell for 16 dollars (probably wild caught of course!!!)
anyone know why he doesnt like to answer the phone ive been trying to get a hold of him for about a week now and still havent and im starting to develop a twitch from anxiety about the octo and just a little info on the progress of the shipping would be nice and help calm my nerves anyway some one help me get over this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont think he would have time to give all the customers progress reports on the shipping- just be patient cos it will be worth it bigtime!!!

sometimes these people are so busy they dont have time to answer the phone...hey at home i dive for tyhe phone when it rings...lol i guess im glad im not THAT busy though!!!

hang in there
we talked to him yesterday and from what he said if you didnt get one yesterday dont excpect one for 6 more weeks. 200 of them headed for the ocean. so i gueese we are gonna have to wait some more. from what dan said when your octo is shipped out you will get an email and then it will arrive the next day.
Yeah, don't expect the same sort of "customer service" that you would get from a department store...this is a small, quirky business and has problems coming from all directions...it takes a lot of hours in the day to try to manage a startup like Octopets, and they are doing as much as they can to make everyone (including the octos!) as happy as possible...with such an esoteric item, sometimes you just have to wait....
But hey, remember the days (uh, two years ago?) when they weren't available AT ALL ???

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