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Yes, he could hire someone to answer the phone, but then your octos would cost a lot more!

For those of you who are waiting for your little bimacs and will be delayed 6 weeks, please take this time to build up your amphipods. You can transfer them from other tanks - I have a Fluval on my smaller tank and I always find amphipods in it, which I save for my larger tank.

If you're a beginner, you can practice on the water changes and testing - so this delay won't be all bad.

But, sorry for your disappointment :sad:

Mizu said:
we talked to him yesterday and from what he said if you didnt get one yesterday dont excpect one for 6 more weeks. 200 of them headed for the ocean.

I'm sorry for Octopets and sorry for those of you waiting for octos, but I am just tickled by the image of a mass octo breakout!

It's not possible to add 200 octo emoticons....

Oh my...with those little dirty spectacles??? Now, THAT would be a TRUE bimac!!!!
Great visual, thanks!!!!

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