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Keeping Live Food

Dec 4, 2008
Hi, My octo is tanking frozen shrimp but I thought I should give him some live stuff also. I was just about to purchase some live shrimp when I realized what are you soposse to keep them in? Do you need a whole other set up or can you just mix up some salt and put it in a tank and put the shrimp in there? So what is the correct way live shrimp should be kept? Oya I wasn't really sure what thread this goes under.

If you are talking about shore shrimp (vs the larger kind you eat), I keep mine in 10 gallon with an overly large, intake net covered (filter bag) filter. I have found that snails and sea grass (not necessarily alive) help keep the water cleaner than without and don't have to completely change the water with each order anymore.

Larger shrimp need a full marine system and are not supposed to do well but I have had relately good success the two times I have had them. One was a hitchhiker with my shore shrimp and was eventually placed in a fish tank (at about 8 inches it jumped out and went undiscovered too long) the others I bought live as feeders from a bait shop, brought them home in a bucket with shrimp buddies and an air stone(10 hour trip). Octane (hummelincki) ignored the large live shrimp when first introduced to the tank but eventally ate them. It is almost sad though as they are interesting in the tank. My granddaughter was sad to learn it was there for food.

Fiddlers, I keep in a couple of 2 gallon tanks, half filled with saltwater and artificial rock in the center for them to climb out of the water. Another method for fiddlers is to keep a damp sand bed and a pool of water. My one attemp at this was unsatisfactory, however, as it was much harder to clean and smelled.

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