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is this good?


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 16, 2004
Hello all,this is my first post so dont be harsh on me. I am planning on getting a bimac from octo pets in about a month or so.I have a 40 gallon tank that has been set-up for almost a year now.the last of my fish just died so Im ready to try something new.

Its 40 gal. has 2,20 watt flourescent lights,(one is actinic)For filtration I have a hangon back wet-dry filter w/ a built in protein skimmer and a small fluval filter(used more as a power head).It has various shells and plastic plants and corals also about 30 lbs of live rock.I have 4 small anemones that are not tropical at all.The guy at octopets said they would be perfectly fine.It also has live sand for the bottom.
Sorry about the long post,thanks.
Hi and welcome :smile:

not a long post at all...... we have had some mega posts LOL

anyway, chances are the tank will be fine for a bimac. I'd make sure the lid is securely fitted and that access to the skimmer isnt possible.

What is the tank temp?

If it was me id take out the anemones to be on the safe side, you could do without one of the bulbs and that will cut down the heat too,

what corals are there?

Once the octo grows you might find that the tank isnt big enough and especially that your filtration isnt large enough to cope but it will be fine for a couple of months.

Any chance of getting a bigger filter now?

Have you done a copper test?

Sorry for bouncinmg back so many questions :smile:

The tank temp is around 79-80 but Im gonna cool it down before i get the octo.The corals are all fake,and I dont think im getting a bigger filter.How do you test for copper?Will the lfs do it?
You can get a test for copper at any LFS, but if you are the original owner of your tank and haven't ever treated with copper, then there should not be any problem. The only way copper would be in your tank would be if it was in your water supply, and by now it would have killed any inverts you kept in your tank.

I agree that maybe the anenemomes would be better off in another tank, but you could always give it a shot before changing things around I guess

Good luck :smile:

or copper could have gotten in by using some medications... EG if you ever had to treat the tank for whitespot etc...

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