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im tired of my boring octo can i get another one? EVERYONE post your thoughts

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Aug 21, 2004
i bought a bimac from octopets.com back on decemeber 23rd. thats whatn i got him ,
he is I guess about 3 months old , im not sure

ive had him one month I know

he is so boring , Its dishearting when i see people posting on here how they can throw food in the tank and the octo jets around and finds it and climbs around the glass once in awhiel.

i know they arent active 100percent of the tiem , but mine is dead acting 100 percent of the time unless you drop the food right on top of him.

hes in a 240 gallon tank

would it hurt to buy another one and add it with him in hopes of getting a playful one.?
NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! You will end up with a dead octopus! Most octis are territorial and won't tolerate a tank mate! One moth is not that long to wait for tem to settle. Be patient. The less you hassle them now the more likely you are to build up a good relationship later!


I don't have my own ceph yet but the one thing that I keep hearing from every angle--every article I read and every post here--is that it takes patience to build a good relationship with your octopus.

Every article about raising octos says to make plenty of caves in the tank so they can hide: its no secret that they do like to hide. And the little guy will only come out if he feels complete trust in you and his surroundings--thus the more you "encourage" him to come out in the first few months, the more frightened he will be.

What's your water like? What temp, and what are your nitrogen levels?

If you don't have any luck, maybe octos aren't for you. With that massive tank of yours (over a ton of water!) maybe cuttlefish would be more up your alley?

cuttles woudl be kool but they are expensive, today was the most intresting day withmy octo though , for the first time just nwo i seen him jet .

i threw a crawdad in and he actually swam up and got it instead of watilging for it to crawl in his lair

how long does it take them to get as big as a baseball or softball, this is the size im wanting tgo see lol

i feed him all the time
When I got my bimac, she was older (at least 3 months) because she was wildcaught. It was some time before she became friendly - she just sat in a cave and looked at me. But I spent time with her anyway - at least an hour day so in time she got used to me. Later she became quite friendly and liked to play games with my hand in the water.

I'm saying this because I think your bimac is just behaving normally. It's still very young.

Your octo will be considerably larger in a few months.

Young Octos are generally shy for all I know since I go diving and spend 45mins under water looking inside a octo den...then the darn thing grabed my hand and tried to push me into some fire coral.
i wish i could go diving , or at least snorkel

Im trying to save up some money but im in arkansas , its goign to cost alot to go somehwere adn dive

someone told me to take a trip to the cancun and then a boat to the merijas or soemthinglike that , its an island and they let yoyu go out on hyour own

i dont want a guided tour where i have so m any minutes to look , i want to look all day long lol
Hk's a nice place to dive it you don't mind murky water, large jellyfish and lack of marinelife...( Depends where you are in HK since some place is plain industiral dump where some places are protected with lots of coral, but still no fishes :confused: ) Common places are with tiny fish and large fish stays near small reefs that are 4m x 5m large. HK does have some large cephs (especially cuttles.) I repeat HK is a nice place to go to.
keep your octo, then when it dies, try a cuddle,even though they are expensive, they are more intristing , and affectionate then octos.i think u would be better off w/ somthing bigger,like a cuddle.
you wont know unless you try:)
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