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im getting my first octo


Jun 15, 2005
:welcome: i want 2 get an octo, an was wondering wut i need to get,such as size of tank,food,lighting,filter ect.
i only want 2 get wut is absolutly necesary, or in other words the octo can not live w/ out.
also, give me any additional tips i should know
I happen to think so...they are very rewarding animals to be around. But they are certainly not for everyone!
Have a look at the Sticky at the top of the Tank Talk forum - it begins
What do you have.....

This thread lists the equipment people have and what they paid for it, so it gives you an idea.

Look at Octopets for an idea about what an octo costs.

Food can be expensive. They eat (thawed) frozen shrimp, live crabs, snails, etc.

That's a start for you!


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