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How to get pH levels up?

Jul 16, 2004
I did a water check tonight and my pH level seemed to be around 7.8, what is the cause of low pH levels and how do i get it back up to 8.0-8.2? Also, is it more dangerous for pH levels to be too high or too low?
Yeah, PH is a major factor in water quality...too low, and the tank will crash from acidity, too high, and the tank crashes in a snowstorm of alkaline...
Your local store should sell buffers, I use b-ionic, but there are lots of different additives.
How often do you do water changes? What is the PH of your RO water?
I'd recommend getting a continuous readout pH meter, which has helped me understand the pH in my tank much more. It's lowest in the middle of the night and rises during the day. If I have to add a bit of buffer, I can see the results.

Many LFSs add buffer to the RO water they sell for salt water aquariums.


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