How can I tell if my Bimac eggs are fertile?

Sep 25, 2006
About 8 1/2 weeks ago (around New Years Day) my wild caught bimac laid eggs. They are large eggs, about 3/4" long and maybe 3/16" wide at the fat end (which makes her bimaculoides, right?). The tank is cold, about 64 degrees, but it's been over eight weeks and the eggs look exactly the same as they did the first time I saw them (about a week after they were laid). I caught her about seven months before she laid the eggs, so I guess she could have mated already when I caught her.

Could infertile eggs last this long at 64 degrees?

Would I be able to see anything inside the eggs by now if they were fertile?

When I shine a bright light on them they are pure milky white with no visible spots.

Is any of this conclusive in regard to whether or not the eggs are fertile?


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