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Hi! New octo questions


Mar 14, 2004
i just got a 12 gallon nano cube tank and set it up. i was told its the cheapest way to get a little octo. im gonna put a pacific one in there in a few weeks. have any tips for me before i put him in, or when i first get him?
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

Very nice that you're planning to become an octopus keeper.

What do you mean by a "Pacific octopus"? - Octopus rubescens, which is sometimes known as the Pacific red octopus?

If so, I think your tank may be a bit small - this is a medium sized octo with a mantle length of 4 inches and 12 inch arms. I'd think you'd need at least a 40 gallon tank. So tell us more and we'll give you some tips!

You might want to look at the articles found by clicking on Ceph Care above. The Equipment List and the Checklist are two good ones for people starting their aquariums.

Good luck with your octo tank!

Nicks right... a 12 will be far too small, even to start with... have a look at some of the threads about Nancy's Ollie and see how big she got!
Yes, Ollie grew quite large. I always thought she enjoyed being that big, too. She could reach out and touch every corner of the tank from her den.

Ollie was very gentle and loved to be touched and be rubbed under her eyes.

Here's another pic, from about the same time.


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