Hey kids!!!

Apr 4, 2005
Hey ya'll! I guess I'm new. . . well, not really. I've
been browsing the site for a few years, and actually set
up an id when I first came across it--even posted a few
times. Well, I sorta forgot my id, since it had been so long. :roll:

Anyhoo, I've been obsessed with cephalopods my whole
life, particularly the giant squid. I first became aware of
the giant squid when I was in the first grade--circa 1976--
through Collier's Children's Encyclopedia, Volume 5 (The Animal
Kingdom). It completely freaked me out, and I've been
hooked ever since. (Well, I guess if I'm talking "hooked," I
should be deferring to the "colossal" squid, eh?)

Besides squid and octopi, I'm obsessed with music--pretty much
all types, 'cept rap and country (Johnny Cash is an exception).
I even compose my own music under the moniker of The Bookhouse
Boys (_Twin Peaks_ fans might recognize that name), and my
music is a weird hybrid of instrumental surf, rockabilly, and
electronica (cyber-surf-a-billy?)--sorta like Dick Dale and Duane
Eddy meet Gary Numan and Vangelis in a dark alley. . . . :band:

Whatever. :-/

As for reading, I like the works of Edward Gorey, Clive Barker, and
Douglas Coupland.

As for movies, I enjoy the films of David Lynch, the Coen Brothers,
M. Night Shyamalan (from my home state), and Quentin Tarantino.

Oh! By-the-way, great site!!! :squidaut:

Also sprach Vincent
Stormbringer is. . .

Hey there! Stormbringer is my other email address.
Actually, [email protected] to be exact. :wink:

What's really weird is, although I first played Dungeons &
Dragons in 1983 (the eighth grade), and haven't played
it since 1992 (my senior year in college), I NEVER read
a Michael Moorcock book until about three years ago.
I read the entire Elric saga in about six months (not including
the new stories), including some of his other "Eternal Champion"

I liked them. :wink:

I just figured that:

a.) Mournblade/Stormbringer were obscure enought to the
general populace; and

b.) Most computer geeks are aware of the Elrich saga.

I'm a *borderline* geek myself--a HUGE fan of videogames,
B-movies, AD&D, Star Trek: TNG (but NOT the original series!),
Star Wars episodes IV and V (Star Wars and The Empire Strikes
Back, but not the rest of the series), heavy metal music (including
Blue Oyster Cult (another Moorcock link), Iron Maiden, and
Ozzy Osbourne), punk/new wave (especially DEVO and Dead
Kennedys), etc.

But I am NOT into comic books, Star Trek (the original series),
Star Wars (except Episodes IV and V), and. . . hell, I'm drinking
heavily here (how GEEK is that?!?), and I'm losing interest.

Personally, I'm a registered member of the U.S. Libertarian Party,
a practicing Roman Catholic, and a HUGE fan of "roots" rock 'n' roll
(including rockabilly and surf) as well as electronic music.

Whatever. :roll:

Take care!

Echoing my thoughts too...NLH...(nerd laughing here)...please tell me you don't have black tennis shoes with velcro ??????
Actually, we are of a somewhat similar caste...especially the Devo bit, BOC, and of course, the Ramones...

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