Hello fellow cephalopod enthusiasts


Aug 1, 2021
Hi, I've never been on a forum before so I'm excited. I'm hoping to learn more about cephalopods here, googling stuff isn't the best for some of the more obscure questions. I guess I should say my favorite cephalopod and animal is the Humboldt squid! I find them fascinating yet terrifying at the same time, the way they communicate with each other and their brutal nature is interesting to observe yet it's so mysterious. There are still so many things to learn about squid communication in general! My other hobbies/interestests include other marine invertebrates and fish, aquariums, drawing, speculative evolution, paleontology, phylogeny, movies, and games. Below I'll post some art I've made, it's a loose timeline of cephalopod evolution though there are some misplacements and such. I'd love to make something like this again but more accurate in the future.


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Hi @SquidySpecs - thanks for joining and contributing. The sketches are great!

Humboldt; that's a good favorite! Impressive beasts; impossible to ignore... they are kind of like a mini-Architeuthis :mrgreen: ... indeed, they should (and are properly) called jumbo squid, but the media often refers to them as giant squid, which is very confusing when considering the proper "giant squid" is Architeuthis. And it's not like Humboldts don't have enough names to go by...
  • Humboldt
  • Jumbo
  • Red Devil (diablo rojo)
  • Dosidicus gigas

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