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Hey guys I finally got Dr. Octavius in ,has nice home 240 g


Aug 21, 2004
im so excited let me start by saying that he is going in a 240 gallon tank that has been cycling for 4 months, , and every parameter is correct.

however Its going to be very difficult to catch two yellow tangs and 4 damsels, and a shrimp

I also do not have a sump yet, I have my skimmer, bu its just sitting in the tank and I dont want it to suck the octo up , so I think it can manage in this big of a tank for 2-3 weeks without a skimmer until I get my pump for my sump, lol , which i was thinking about a amp master 3000 , unless someone can sgtire me in a better direction

say if i wasnt able to catch a damel or two , or even my tangs

THEY THEMSELVES wont kill the octopus woudl they , I mean , I know that they would eventually be lunch , but im definatly not wanting it the other way around
WOW! huge tank. You dont have to worry about the damsels. They wont hurt the octo if you keep them in.But he WILL eat them. Not sure about the tangs. Im not that experienced with pumps either :|

you dont have a sump?

what about a protein skimmer ?

when my water gets stireed its gets a little brown and stinky
but i think its diatoms
because i have checked my nitrate , nitrite, and ammonia and all are 0
Wow! That's a huge tank!!! Damsels can be a problem especially for a young baby like you're getting. Think it's been known for them to pick at the octos eyes. Simple would be to set up something inside the tank for the time being. Think there's pics on site when Lil P arrived.


well i have a protein skimmer in teh tank

its just he could get sucked up the intake on the water pump that feeds the skimmer

i guess i could take soemthign like panty hose or something , im not sure ???
Yes, cover all intakes with some sort of net - the kind used in the little bags for carbon, the kind used in fish nets, even the kind some veggies come in. We have had little bimacs get sucked in before.

You can use rubber bands or other sorts of ties (no metal) to fasten the netting.

oh me

im not sure what time he will be here

i ordered some crabs and snails once fedex overnight and they got here before 10::30 but octopets sent it DHL , and I dont know if they have a "arrive before so and so time" policy

i could wait all day on it .
and i hope I dont have to do that
hes here , hes here

i am acclimating him right now , his mantle is a little bigger than a quarter and his 2 inch legs lol

he inked just a bit in the bad , but its not real blacok water still looks clear

anyways, im just hoping he doestn escape i have every hole and any wat to get out covered except by the filter which i cant make escape proof

unless i have some astroturf or somethign i can find

i have a really good picture of him , but its too big to post i think

anyways , he wondered around for about 20 minutes, and he hate 3 nassarius snails , but now hes under a rock and not moving and hes been that way for about 4 hours

i hope something isnt wrong with him
Don't panic! They rest after their trip. Sometimes they don't come out for a week, especially if there's plenty of food in the tank. You can reduce your picture in your photo software to 1000 and it will post. Usually theres a resize option.

Glad he made it ok!

Octos don't move around the tank all the time, and after such a long trip, I'd think your octo would be tired. They remain still in one place for defensive reasons - it's hard for an enemy to spot them. You may have trouble spotting him because he can make himself look so much like the live rock.


ive got to come up with a name,
my sis
im 20 , she is 10
sjhe wants to name him squidward
adn I want to call him doc octavius lol

anyways i just got home here at 8 p.m and I still cant find the little guy

I JUST HOPE HE hasnt escaped or anything , there is no way for me to make my tank escape proof where the filter is, everywhere else is fien , but not there

I did notice him eating a cojple hermit crabs and 2 nassarius snails , cause i saw him gliding on the glass and he had the shell under his legs

but that was when i first got him

so far no sign

i hope he at least comes out a little tommorow

cause its a hang on emperor 400 filter
there is no way to get all the crevices ect cover, wihtout it looking absolutionly junky

I have two big pieces of glass covering the top utnil it gets to the filter and the reason i have glass insstead of say perhaps screen is so the water fromt he bubbles dont ruin my lights

i mean its better to have it sealed and I REALIZE this

but isnt this species the so called less prone to want to escape ?

I found him by the way , he was right in front of me blended 100 percent into the rock

here is a picture of him
Well, you can do a lot of things with some hot glue or duct tape, and a little bit of screening, (nylon, of course) to make it look "not junky"...better than worrying all of the time about an escaping octo!
It might ruin your digestion, after all !!!! :D

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