here comes my painting

Jul 22, 2004
here comes a recent painting...

Hi :biggrin2:

As promised on the introduction thread last week, I will upload some of the paintings I did during the last year. Apparently I was not able to find the upload-button to the tonmo-gallery however (does anybody know how to upload?... I can't remember how I did it before :razz:), I will share some pics here...

The first (most recent) one is this:


Oil on canvas
100 x 70 cm
"Traum, verursacht durch den nahenden Abgabetermin, eine Sekunde vor dem Aufwachen"
"Dream caused by the approaching deadline one second before waking up"
K Wolfram 2005-06​

This painting was done while writing on the final parts of my master's thesis and shows some things I spend my time (and dreams :smile: on during the past year:
The genetic variability among cuttlefishes from various areas was investigated and some work was done on the oxygen carrier haemocyanin... In the meantime, cuttlefishes were raised with plenty of food (Crangon) from tiny hatchlings to gorgeous animals with mantle lengths of currently more than 15 cm (Jan 06). Sheepish hermit crabs were hired as cleaner for some of our tanks... Well, that's enough explanation for the moment :biggrin2:

In the end this painting was also used as cover illustration of my master's thesis.

Hope you like it - if you do, pls let me know :mrgreen:

Best regards from Germany,
K :cuttle:

P.S.: By the way, we are still looking for tissue (or/and blood!) samples from cuttlefishes from the Mediterranean Sea. If you can help, pls let me know...
Jul 22, 2004
Hi :biggrin2:

The following one was done in summer 05. Again it's oil on canvas (100 [height] x 70 cm [width]) and again it's a tiny little bit cuttle-related (otherwise I wouldn't post here, right :mrgreen:) ... Hehe ... This one was done for a poster dealing with cuttlefish physiology (for a scientific conference).
The first two pictures show the two cuttlefishes that were painted for this poster: the upper one was meant to emphasize respiratory and circulation system - the lower one was more neurophysiological. Both cuttlefishes are on one canvas (just too difficult to get a clear pic with both). The last picture shows how they were arranged on the final poster ...




Best regards,