Pygmy Octopus
Sep 23, 2006
Just registered to the site. Been looking into geting an octopus and this site has been a great help. As I stated above, havent gotten one yet and I am still trying to find the right one so pardon any "non-smart" questions I may ask.
:welcome: a bit late (been having some computer problems, so I'm just catching up now.)
Ben has bitten the bullet and gone and bought himself an octopus. Ben, congrats, and thanks for taking the time to review all of the information online that is required to keep these animals live, and doing things it appears by the book. I'm sure that is going to be one happy octopus. As an aside, your new (unamed species) octopus looks marvelous! I'm afraid I depend on the likes of Nancy to attach a name to that one.
Great news, Ben! I'll add your octopus to the List of Our Octopuses - any idea what species?

For ideas for names, you might have a look at that list, too - it's at the top of the Journals and Photos forum under Ceph Care.


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