Dec 21, 2021
Hay Fork Valley, California
My name is Peter Hemp. I am a retired plumber and DIY plumbing author. 4th. thru 7th. grade field trips to the Steinhart Aquarium (1940’s-‘50’s) we’re pure joy thanks to the octopus exhibit. (One of my classmates later became the Aquarium Director.)

Fast forward a lifetime. Afraid of having to admit it’s “time to put to pasture” the author hoped that giving away free plumbing advice at would/could postpone the inevitable. The jury is still out.

A second reason for the website was to see if the author could develop his children’s stories into a “paying hobby”. (Not there, yet.)

Learning more and more about today’s threats (like a octopus farm) has so upset me that I felt I could no longer turn a blind eye to their exploitation.

Two of my children’s tales (described on the site) involved an octopus as a plumber’s helper. If these tales could in any way advance the plight of my friends, the author would donate the publication rights.

Keep up the fight.


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