Hello again... (Ceph book recomendation)

Sep 25, 2004
Hi all! I havn't been on tonmo and well I'm back and here I am. And well in my abscence I have gained much insight in cephs. And now with my new found knowledge I'm back and determined to keep ANY ceph in captivity for at least a month. And then a squid. I also recently purchased a book at powells the largest bookstore in the world which had the sad collection of olny 3 ceph books, it is called Octopus and Squid The Soft Intelligence by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole. Even though it is pretty old all of the info is still pretty much the same as now. And I would recomend it to anyone intrested in cephs. After reading half of it I don't think I'll ever look at cephs the same. Well yeah... Ok later! :wink:
I have this book!!! Back when my ceph addiction was in it's early stages, and this site didn't exist!!!
And welcome back!!!!

That's an amazing book! It was the first ceph-specific book I ever owned. Great photos, terrific illustrations, some typically questionable personal Cousteau anecdotes, and of course, that classic watercolour of the Vampyroteuthis! So long as we're on the classics, might I also recommend a book my parents bought for me at Scripps Institute when I was but a wee lad of eleven back in '81: Kingdom of the Octopus by Frank W. Lane. This was the first time I ever got to see photos of Dosidicus Gigas in action off Peru in the Humboldt Current. In Lane's boook, however, they go under the name Ommastrephes Gigas. As always, I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes.


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