Great news, new family members ariving Saturday!


May 8, 2003
Hello all, I come to you all with good news. Harvey will be arriving Saturday May 31st., and he will be traveling with his brother (no name yet). I called Jack, at fishsupply, and we made the arrangements for a saturday arrival!

Well that's all for now, more to come!

Hello all, Harvey and Henry have spent their first night in their new home, and are doing great! They have estaqblished themselves as supreme rulers of the tank, and are spending their time hiding in the rock. Most of the posts I have been reading, have stated the reclusiveness for the first few weeks, therefore I will not disturb their environment. I will post more as things develope.

Thanks to everyone for posting your experiences and accomplishments, as well as other tid-bits of information, related, and not so related to keeping cephs. :notworth:

Congrats Felix! Sounds like you are off to a great start...send in some pics when you get a chance...always fun to see the little buggers!
Glad to hear all is well so far :smile:

Make sure you have plenty of hiding places and keep an eye out for any signs of aggressive behaviour with them. It has been known for cannabalism to take place :bugout:


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