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Good RO filter brand?


Sep 5, 2003
I went looking at home depot today for an under the sink RO water filtertration system. They had a GE system with an expansion tank, 2 filters, faucet, and all other hookups for about $169. Is this an ok brand to use? They had plent of other water filters there, but they didn't specifically say RO on them. This is the only thing that I do not have for my tank that I have been meaning to get.
No idea Mike LOL

But, the RO units they sell over here in DIY stores are not as good at cleaning the water as the purpose built ones in the LFSs... Theytend to be much more simple, but i suppose it just depends on the unit and the manufacturer.

How many pods does it have etc and what media does it use?

Otherwise, The two that I have used were an Aquamedic model and a Kent model both of which still work fine...

What makes over do you recommend and do you have any idea of prices.

Only briefly really as Elliot has kindly offered for me to share the costs of producing RO from his set-up, but just as a matter of intrest for my own purposes should i decide to do it meslf in the long run.

Its defo a mad little set-up requirin a bit of spare space near the sink.

Your quite lucky, I bet you've got a couple of goals an some tanks with loch ness siblings in your kitchen!!! but these cockneys tend to live in rabbit hutches for silly money!!!
There are three different kinds of membranes available for R/O filters. The membrane is the part of the system that actually does the filtering.

CTA (cellulose triacetate) are the least expensive, but also the least effective. These can remove about 50% of the nitrate in your tap water.

TFC (thin film composite) membranes are most commonly used for aquarium water. These are slightly more expensive, and removes about 95% of the nitrate in your tap water.

Hi-S membranes are found in some high performance R/O filters. These high removal membranes reject over 97% of all impurities and work faster.

You probably won't find any R/O filters with CTA membranes being sold for aquarium use, but these are the most common at a home improvements store.

Being faster really depends on your mains pressure and also the temperature of the mains water... let us know how you get on with it
I've been told that the water pressure is usually higher at night. It's better to produce the RO water then, because the process will be faster and you'll have less waste water.


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