Good news, bad news

mostly bad news

Down toward the bottom of the story is what Hawaii is doing, and more importantly what they are thinking about doing. Banning fishing around coral reefs! Yea! Hope they come through.

we need to do something!!! I personaly think we should try to tank breed more fish if we want to enjoy our hobby any longer kind of like what wrighty is doing with cuttles. we should do that with brarius and other octopus. SAVE THE REEF!!!!
Good point, its just so difficult with many species of fish. Some species can be bred and raised but as with the small egg species of octopus it can be very difficult and certainly time consuming...

Where there is a choice - always go with the Captive Bred (CB) stock and I use that for any animal.

Recently I had three out of four frogs die after being newly imported. they must have been wild caught (WC) as they had huge parasite levels in their guts! :(
Yeah, try breeding Tangs. Good luck !!! I agree, though, cb is the way to go whenever possible. Lost all of my tesselated snakes due to parasites too, which really sucks.
Yeah, Tangs is a great example, but there are so many species that go through part of their life in the plankton... what a place to live in, eh?
Tangs require HUGE tanks to get to breeding size, plus you would need a special set-up to not suck up the young, but if you could, you would get millions per spawning!
I think the feeding of the young ones would be the most difficult thing to recreate, as i understand it, even rotifers are too large!!!!
OH BOY, HAVE YOU GOT IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY! A sexually mature and active tang can produce billions of eggs, so they all are EXTREMELY tiny. The only thing a hatchling tang has to distinguish itself as a tang is it's "scalpel", and even that is so small as to be almost nonissue. Hatchling tangs are so tiny that they can be mistaken for silt.

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