In need of information concerning Giant Octopus in Bahamas

Mar 28, 2023
Trinidad and Tobago
Hello everyone! The image below sums up everything, here's the article behind it: The Freeport News - Octopus remains washed ashore

If anyone has contacts in the Bahamas or some knowledge on this incident, it would be much appreciated! Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I thought this was the most fitting. If I need to move it, just let me know!
Hi! This is a pretty good forum for this. Likely too big to be an octopus (if truly 20-30 feet)... it *could* potentially be the remains of a blanket octopus, but the carcass all seems a bit thick for all that (it's hard to tell, here).... The length of the female blanket octopus is mostly due to her unfurled "fins" ...More likely, I could see this being some whale blubber that separated from its carcass.

But, I'm no expert at any of this :mrgreen: Maybe we'll get some other ideas here... Let us know if you get to the bottom of it!

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