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Getting ready to order my first octopus


Feb 20, 2005
Ok i have a 30 gallon tank with a venturi driven protein skimmer a whisper power filter and lighting, i have a lid and i have the materials to seal the top i'm more than likely going to get a pygmy octo i can get a blue ringed octopus would this be a good choice i know they are venomous i've kept some of the local venemous snakes ex- cotton mouth and rattle snake so i know how to handle the dangers of venom but is this a good first octo? what should i feed it or would you reccommend a different species if possible? oh and what type of lighting should i have in the tank?
"sigh" no one will reply... i need help here people.... i suppose i should just figure these things out on my own......
Easy Texas !
the setup sounds ok...the skimmer is the big key item for an octo tank...how much live rock do you have in there?
I also keep venomous reptiles, and have kept blue rings...but get ready for a lot of heartache...most of them last a month or two (at most), some into the six month range. Also, just so you are aware...you can get antivenin for snakes at your local hospital...not true with a b.r. either you would live, or you would just die. Do you like those odds??? (I never bet on 50/50)
A thirty gallon is a great size for a dwarf octo...when you can find them...most seem to available in June and July. I am still trying to get a O. digueti breeding program together, but have failed so far...so you are up to the mercy of the petstores at the moment. I know octopets is going to be working with some new species, you might want to contact them and see if they are going to be carrying dwarfs!
Good luck, and keep us posted!

RE: lighting...
depends on the octo...most go for dim-ish sorts....I use a UVB and an actinic, at low levels.
Dwarf octos are hard to come by. Many of the hitchhikers on liverock recently have been dwarfs - maybe eventually an adoption program can be set up!

Octopets is interested in eventually offering dwarf octos but don't have an concrete plans right now.

wow thanks for the help! the owner of the LFS said he can order mainly dwarfs and blue rings but it's hit or miss I know... i think i'm just going to call octopets tomorrow i'll let everyone know what happens!!!
The other thing with the blue rings is I understand that if their venom affects you, it does so immediately: the 50/50 is being okay or being dead on the floor in two minutes. I could very well be mistaken about this. I wouldn't want to keep one just for all the tank maintenance--I suspect I'll have to stick my hands in the water daily to net crustaceous remains, etc. Plus it rules out any tug-of-war antics.

I have good news there a 3 sites that Iv found that are selling octopus Toms Caribbean Tropicals.com /Aquacon.com/Tampa BaySaltwater.com all sell drawf octopus I got all this from other threads I helps to read other threads

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