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Food list

The best by far is always crustaceans, from aphipods for small/dwarf species to shrimps/prawns/hermitcrabs/fiddlercrabs and crayfish for larger ones.

Some octos may take fish, squid, mussles or similar but not all!

Hi There!

Hermin, my bimac has eaten hermit crabs, killies, greencrabs, crayfish, one rotten damsel and the latest is goldfish (:smile:)!

Not to mention, fresh frozen stuff my daughtor and I have caught in the river!


fiddler crabs are found in the brackish and marine parts of waterways... normally in mangrove swamps. So if you acclimatise fiddlers to your tank water over an hour or two that will do fine.

Fiddlers do spend a lot of their time above the water level in the wild so in an aquarium, if they dont get eaten straight away they may try to climb out!


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