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Jul 11, 2003
I went to two other LFS today and i could not find any that had octos or descently priced tanks (if you read my other post i had some trouble with the first LFS i went to). So, i decided to just go back there, buy the tank, the skimmer, the stand etc... from that store but i wont listen to the guy on what to do with the stuff once i get it. Also, he couldnt tell me what type of octo he had so i want to order one instead. However, i cant seem to find i site to order them off of. A lot of people here seem to have success with fishsupply.com so i want to order it from there, but I am having some trouble navigating around the site. I cant find where they even offer octos. Maybe im not trying hard enough but i have tried many times to find my was around the site and so far it hasnt been good. So, if someone could give me a link to the ceph part or something that would be great. thanks
At the top of the page, you'll see a link corals and inverts, click that. then you'll be redirected to another page, click on cephalapods/octopus and you are done.
I would go with the Octosupply in our trade link...that is where I will be buying all my bimacs from now on...and he is going to breed cuttles too...great! :biggrin2:
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