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First Time Tank

Feb 21, 2004
I keep several reef tanks but have always been facinated with octos. I read the "Ceph Care" page and several months worth of posts on this forum. I hope this isn't covered in another thread. I am planing on keeping a Bimac (from octopets.com) here is my plan so far please let me know what you would suggest. I want to do this BEFORE i end up buying the wrong things.

50g tank (love to find a cube)

Aqua C Remora Protein skimmer

Fluval 404 canister filter

50lb of live rock (or about 3/4 the tank)

1' of live sand

?? powerhead for water movement (totaly lost here how much water movement)

150W jebo heater (my room stays around 70 all year around)

air pump with wooden diffuser

I have a source for RO/DI water

let the tank cycle for 3months

any suggerstions are greatly appreciated


Glad to see you are doing your research :wink:

Couple of things real quick. 50 gal should be fine, but IMO spread it out across 55 and give more room for activity and jet swimming when they take it up, than in a cube.

Filtration is more important than current, however, there should be obvious movent in the tank. Properly placed current is nothing but a benefit to filtration!

At 70 degrees you are fine, no heater needed, unless it gets warmer and then a chiller would be best.

With your determination, you will be there quick. Welcome again!
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Nepture is right about the shape of the tank - better a lower, longer shape that gives your octo more room to move about. Also, they like a sandy beach area to play and catch crabs on.

Most of us do have powerheads.

Seventy degrees is a good temperature for a bimac.


think you'll do fine :smile:

( i know you mean 1" of live sand rather than 1' :wink: )

Thanks for all the encoragement. I did change my specs to include a 55g i think for the small price diffrence it is well worth it. Well i am sure I will have many more questions in the future. Till not sure if the fluval is the way to go what do you guys run on your tanks ... I would love to get some tank specs.

Ok just a quick update .... 55 gallon tank and stand are here!!!! just filled them up getting 25lb of live rock from Gulf View should be in tomarrow ... plan on getting another 25-30 from LFS. Fluval 404 is on order and should be here Monday. Lets see also thinking about going with a Duel Bak Pak 2 Skimmer.... any ideas? Well thats my little update i am always open to suggestions!

Thank you all so much .... yeah Colin i actually never left ... just been lurking and reading and reading and reading :smile: .... Live rock came in today so its all starting to come together.
Finally Pics

Sorry about the quality of the pics ...

This is the 55g I am going to use for my first octo. I have currently 25lb of live rock (hopefully get some more soon) 50lb of real live sand from Florida. I am running a Cascade 1500 Canister Filter it is good for aquariums up to 150 gallons and pumps 315 gph. So hopefully this will be ok. I still don't have a skimmer but i just am saving up the money.

Tell me what ya think.
Thanks ... yeah the intake is on the left hand side and the output is in the middle (there is an airstone in the right corner to kinda add some circulation) ... the hose will only reach that far :frown: ... may try to fix that thanks ... and yeah i definatly need more rock .... question the rock i have is live rock would i be better off getting more live rock or getting like base rock ... its alot cheeper but really doesn't help with filtration ... but by the time i get the little feller the base rock may be seeded enough what do ya think.
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