[Octopus]: Long time lurker, new octopus owner.

Jan 24, 2018
I've lurked on this forum for years, able to find all the answers I needed without having to ask. I used to work at a reef store and when we got a clutch of Dwarf cuttlefish eggs by mistake, I bought some and took them home. I hatched and raised them I'm the refugium of my 120g tank. It was a great experience.

Anyhow, having an octopus is what brought me to the hobby 5 years ago and I quickly was discouraged from getting one. Since then I have had several successful reef tanks, sea horses, cuttlefish, mantis shrimps and other creatures but a few weeks ago I took the plunge and modified one of my tanks for an octopus and brought one home.

The tank is a custom built acrylic AIO. It's 5' long, 12" tall and 8" front to back. First filtration chamber is a media basket, second is marine pure balls, third is the heater and tunze skimmer and a maxi jett 600 return. The tank has euro bracing with loop side velcro on the bottom side of the bracing as well as acrylic lids that latch in place.

Lit by a single 48" t5 and the tank has macro algae, zoas and some GSP growing. The tank has been running for about 6 months and previously had a clown and ruby red dragonet, which have been relocated. I have an algae reactor on standby if I need additional nutrient export but right now the algae keeps the water clean.

Now, the critter. He/she was listed as a pacific pygmy octopus but one of the shop managers is known for making things up. The tank next to this guys said "east Asia octopus".... Anyhow, I got him and got him acclimated and let him go to one of the many caves in the live rock. As expected, he is nocturnal, most active just after the lights go out and before they come back on. I added a red glass jar that he likes to hide in (and we get to see him).



As far as I can tell, he looks like a pacific pygmy octopus but that doesn't mean much.