"Find the ceph in this photo" game

Jan 18, 2008
I've been having some fun playing "Find the ceph in this photo" game with Dreadhead, cuttlefishguy, and others lately and wanted to more-or-less "organize the game" into a single, on-going thread and invite everyone to post their challenges here as well as establish some simple guidelines for posting answers.

1. Post a pic of a hard-to-spot ceph.
2. Indicate what kind of ceph and how many people should look for.
3. Include a link to another version of the same photo (in your TONMO gallery or a photo archive site) where the hiding place is clearly indicated. Please don't post the answers in this thread.
4. Please do not discuss answers publicly in this thread. Use private messaging so you don't ruin the game for others.
5. Do not alter the hue, saturation, color, or other characteristics to make the cephalopod more difficult to find. Cropping, re-sizing, and minor adjustment to brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. are acceptable within reason.

If you have old photos from your journal thread or other "find the ceph" posts that would be good for this game, please feel free to repost and consolidate them here.

Here's an example of what I have in mind (realize that this is the normal red tank lighting that we use for our mercs... not a color alteration):

Find the octopus in the photo below.
Check your answer here.
I love this idea -- great format, keep going! Did you alter the hue at all? I find that incredibly difficult to spot, even with your "click here for the answer"! That might be another rule -- do not alter the photo.
Thanks Tony. No, I didn't alter the hue. That's a straight no-flash pic of our merc tank with the red vellum cover under the fluorescent lighting.

Good job guys! Who's next?
gholland;120658 said:
Nice one D! And your retouch on that is amazing... what program are you using?

It seems that Photoshop (I have an old Limited Edition, not the expensive version - eBay :razz:) handles the underwater green very well with auto correct. There is some extra blue with the photoshopping but what a great change for a single click. I have a baracuda that is brown instead of green and the results are not good. I know that AM's camera (that I am looking at for Xmas - Canon G9) has a built in correction for underwater photography and am hoping this will be the results. The camera I was borrowing (Olympus) has a red filter for the UW housing but it only helps for below 15' and I removed it for this snorkle. However, I was not all that happy with the results during my one dive and will see what PS will do with those shots as well.

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