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  1. tonmo

    Vendor Tables at TONMOCON VII

    We'll have a couple/few vendor tables at TONMOCON VII, during the social mixers on Friday and Saturday night. Beer, wine, book signings and maybe ceph jewelry... more to come! :beer::wine: TONMOCON VII at MBL, April 6-8, 2018
  2. tonmo

    Cephalopod Crossword Puzzle

    Can you do it without google? Cephalopod Crossword
  3. gholland

    "Find the ceph in this photo" game

    I've been having some fun playing "Find the ceph in this photo" game with Dreadhead, cuttlefishguy, and others lately and wanted to more-or-less "organize the game" into a single, on-going thread and invite everyone to post their challenges here as well as establish some simple guidelines for...