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Finally set up and cycling - where to get bimac???


Nov 24, 2002
The 55 gal tank is finally set up and cycling. I have 5 or 6 mollies some blue leg crabs and 2 peppermint shrimp scooting around in there. Now comes the long wait until it is ceph ready. :?

I plan on waiting the three months for the tank to mature if I can hold out that long. However, none of my LFSs seem to be willing to bring in a bimac. Has anyone had a particularly good experience ordering online. I'm not sure who to buy from eventhough several suppliers seem to offer cephs. Any previous experiences would be appreciated.


I have used saltwaterfish.com several times (not for bimac) for livestock and if there was a problem they have always made it right.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, That Pet Place is approx a four hour drive. Actually, I may have found a LFS that will order for me. If not I'll order online and keep my fingers crossed. :wink:
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