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Finally Cycled!!!!

Jan 31, 2003
Sorry I just had to share my enthusiasm. It's felt like the longest month ever, the ammonia hit 0 last week and the nitrite was real low yesterday and 0 today. I'm gonna have the lfs order a couple things for cleanup crew and maybe add a little more cured live rock. I know about the three month rule, so I'm not rushing for the bimac. I'll keep a close eye on the water parameters and make sure they don't fluctuate.
ps. I had an octopus dream last night. I was at some pet store and they had like 10 baby octos in a tank but they weren't bimacs, i held one and it bit me 3 times as it climbed up my arm. But I was so excited that I didn't care. Hmmm...wonder what Freud would say?
probably something about your father i bet???? :smile:

Anyway, if you are having clear readings on ammonia and nitrate then things are looking good... Chances are a SMALL octo would fit in sooner than 3 months... Just as long as nothing too drastic happens when you put in some test pilots (em er.. i mean clean up crew)


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