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feeding of octo

Feb 21, 2005
i have been feeding live freshwater fish for my octo...is it bad..viewing so many posts..all saying abt feeding crabs,shrimp,etc..and my octo will just finish the body and leave the head and tail of the fish behind..in my tank..why is it so?
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

Feeding your octo freshwater fish is not such a good idea because the fish don't have the nutrients your octo needs. You don't say where you are, what species octo you have - but if possible see if your octo will accept thawed frozen shrimp. If you can get live shrimp and crabs, all the better. Crawfish are also acceptable, even though they are freshwater. (Think of them as a freshwater lobster). People who live near the ocean seem to have a lot more options for octo food than those of us who are inland, but you can mail order live shrimp and crabs.

i am not sure wat species my octo is..wat is the difference between bimac and o. valgaris?i live in singapore..so it is better to feed it frozen food than freshwater fishes?will it finish it up or will also leave some leftovers behind??
Hi Cloud & :welcome:,

I'm afraid your octi will always leave a mess Octi's are extremely messy eaters! Regarding frozen food, some will tank it others won't but freshwater fish are a no no!!! They're not fatty enough and may contain copper which is fatal to an octi. Joel Ang from this list is also in Singapore and may have some Ideas where you can get food.



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