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feeder tank


Dec 19, 2005
Hey folks had a question about a feeder tank setup. Well mainly what gal. per critter should the tank be, type of filtration, and how long do the shrimp tend to live. and maybee how hard is it to breed the shrimp
I am still looking to get a cuttle only thing still holding me back is the food for them.
A ten gallon can hold up to 150-200 shrimp max. You can use a big hang on filter. You need to be careful though, because if you dont pay attention and get a small die off, it will domino effect on you and your whole tank of shrimp will die in a day. If i were to remake this, I would go with a 20 gallon, because its most cost effective to buy large bulk 250 count orders of shrimp. I also keep 50-100 in a breeder net in my fuge.

There are other food options as well depending on whats available in your area.

I have my food setups described on my website here.
Scroll down to the bottom. http://thetentacleparadox.com/CuttleFarmArmy-TheFarm.htm
Thanks Paradox, I am going to guess keeping the feeders fed till they are fed to the cuttle is fairly easy? (did that make sense) :bugout:
A handy wee tip is to catch what shrimps you are going to use that day and put them in a bowl with fish flakes sprinkled in. Leave them for a wee while and then feed them to the cuttles.

That way the nutrition in the fish flakes will get passed on to the cuttlefish.

Use plenty aeration with a shrimp tank, have a pump and airstone blasting!

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