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I've lived through that, too - only it was spotted early by our dog, who warned us about the leak!

Hope you managed to save the eels.

Well, my eels are fine for now. One is in a bucket and the other is in a large rubbermaid plastic tub. I also have a small 10 gal tank which is temporarily housing my two damsels. Between those and other buckets, I managed to save about half of my water and had to discard the rest to stop the leaking.

When I have the time later today I will attempt to find the leak and seal it with lots of silicone.

I'm also seriously considering buying a tank my eel-food supplier (bait store) is selling. It is newer and in better condition than mine is. Mine has had some rough treatment before I bought it and don't want to deal with another disaster like this one. Also, this new one will come with filters and powerheads ( Could always use more of that), as well as a full hood, and better stand.

So maybe i'll patch mine up and sell it for the 75 dollars i got it for. (should have known for that price, huh? but being a student should justify that....)
joel_ang said:

Glad the eeks are fine, is the water leaking out slowly or quickly and are the eels freshies?

the eeks are both salties. one is a snowflake moray and the other is a local species of fish which just looks like an eek.

I drained the aquarium, but when it was dripping out, it was almost a steady stream :shock:
Wow!! Every aquarists nightmare!! Glad you caught it!! My daughtor wonders why I donot let her play with even plastic baseball bats in the house!!! :shock:

nightmare indeed! My roommate woke me up in the middle of the night when she stepped in water! Took me a while to wake up and realize that my aquarium was actually leaking.
Yeah i found the source of the leak. Looks like an already weak spot in the silicone was pierced through when gravel became lodged inside.

I re-did the silicone and followed the instructions for the waiting period before replacing the water and even waited a bit longer...

but i guess i should have either made a thicker seal or waited even longer!!

Tank was back in order and running when it began to leak again from the areas of new silicone!!! :cry:

so sad.... all that re-mixed saltwater gone except for about 25 gallons again.

I'm going to re-seal it with ridiculous amounts of silicone (and allow it to dry for an extra-long time) and sell or give the tank to a friend who wants to mess with it. Meanwhile, I'm buying a better and newer 75 gallon tank.

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