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Bimacs in a cold room


Apr 29, 2021
I have an aquarium with a built in filter. I have caused serious property damage in the past with a saltwater leak and I am extremely weary of anything like that happening again. As of right now, a leak is not physically possible.

Bimacs need cold water, and I don't think submersible chillers are a thing.

I like cold temperatures, lots of blankets and layers, and it's only hot (80-the very rare 90) for maybe two months out of the year (nights are always around 60 even if it gets into the 80s during the day).

Could I just keep my small studio apartment cool with open windows for 3/4s of the year and a lot of AC for the very rare hot days? I have kept it in the 50's in the past though I do find 64 or so to be ideal.
Do you have any idea what the water temperature is like during the day? How stable is it over the course of the day? I would try and log the temperature every 2-3 hours for a week or two just to see how much it fluctuates. You might even want to try and log the temperature in the middle of the night just to see how it changes. An electronic thermometer that keeps a temperature log might be convenient, but you could do it manually. I would say if the temperature fluctuates more than about 0.3-0.5 degrees F over the course of the day you would probably want to figure out a way to keep the temperature more constant for the sake of the animal. Stress related to fluctuating temps probably wont kill your octopus outright, but it will certainly shorten their lifespan and cause some undue stress.

Let me know what temperatures you are recording and I'll see if I can give any suggestions!

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