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Dr. Snuggles (cuttlefish)

i need cuttle said:
well i just named the cuttle righty sent me today, His name is Dr. Snuggles, he is about 3/4 inch mantel lengh, ill post pics soon

very cool. and appropriate, too !
i wasnt the actualy one who named him, i let my little sister do it, and thats what she picked.

first one is the lil bugger seccond is his current home, a net breeder, and the last is his future home, it will lose the fish and the anemone


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Dr. Snuggles "Friend to the animal world" was a character created by Jeffrey O'Kelly. Later turned into an animated program produced in Holland, English-language voice characterizations by the late Sir Peter Ustinov.

Personally, I like naming against type. Dr. Snuggles fits the bill perfectly for a voracious uber-predator.

Capital idea, Nancy! Our cuttle population seems to be increasing (particularly here in the States - thanks Righty!) and I think our finned-and-tentacled friends deserve their own list.
OK, may take a few days to post it - I'll put the list at the top of this forum for now.

Don't forget that in the UK Mikey and Colin have a number of cuttles, so we're not just limited to this country.


I name the entire group now instead of individuals...I like to pretend they have a group mind. "Shrimp - you will be digestulated"
Good to see this happening over there thanks to Rich.

Well my group of 10 became 11 last night - thanks to 2 months of mis-counting or a hide-away!!

No wonder 10 shrimp fed always ended up in 2 fighting!! Anyway - I aint got names for them all!! hehehe
Hey Mikey!

I really think keeping a group is going to pay off. I believe you are going to be a daddy soon! Then we need 6 more people like us in each country... :biggrin2:

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