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Do I Need This?


Jan 11, 2008
Hello i have a 50 gallon tank that is pretty much allset for an octo tank, i have done all my research and tank has been up and running since july 2007, i was just wondering if i need a UV Sterilizer, if i do ill buy one this week, becuase sometime next week my first octopus will arrive at my LFS and theyll give me a call when i can pick him up. And also, what does a UV Sterilizer do for the water?
The forum has shown mixed reviews on the use of a UV in an octo tank. The primary use of the UV in an aquarium is to keep parasites to a minimum. Parasites are not considered a problem for an octopus and so they are not needed. Several reefers feel that they do more harm than good in anything but a fish tank.
:welcome: to TONMO... yup, the consensus seems to be that they're not necessary, and might or might not be a positive at all, so you certainly shouldn't feel obligated to go buy one...

Let us know how your octo likes your tank! And pictures are always appreciated!
Skimmer:yes, UV sterilizer: not necessary. Keep us posted, sounds like a fun experience is about to occur!


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