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Jun 30, 2005
im sure everyone has heard this one before, i just came home from my LFS and the owner picked up an octopus since i had mentioned i was very intererested in the species. Of course he doesn't know what species it is or its origin. However that is not the main issue. My tank is now 6 months old. Lots of rock,30 hermits, 6 other assorted crabs, 1 coral banded shrimp, 1 cleaner, 1 pistol and goby,2 clowns (my wifes choice!) no coral. My setup is 65 gallon with sump and berlin xl protein skimmer. coralife 36" lights ( i read lighting is not too crucial). My question is im sure that putting an octopus into this tank is going to be like a buffet. It seems to me that this setup is adequate for adopting an octopus but the question still remains about the current tennants. Maybe a 24 gallon nano cube? I just want to know if scrapping my current reef tank is worth an octopus. Any suggestions on my situation would be greatly appreciated. I'm so torn since this whole time I've been pationate about octopus.
Hard to say here...most likely, all of your denizens would end up as food, and the clowns might pick the octo to death...
Is your nano cycled?

Nano cube is not purchased yet. i live in toronto and the octopus is 180 but he said i can get my usual discount which puts it at 140. The nano cube would be purchased for the sole purpose of moving the inverts out and the octopus in. The main expense is already paid on the existing tank. To get the octopus i need to buy it and another tank to house the inverts. Will it be worth it?
So your plan is to move the creatures into the nano cube you don't want eaten by the octo and give him the large tank??? And speaking from experience, every octo I have ever owned, which I think the number maybe at 6 (not counting ones from about 20 years ago) now has been worth every minute. Sometimes you need to be patient for them to become comfortable with their new home but it is deffinately worth it! That's my opinion!

And welcome!!!

Wheeew! That is expensive! Will octopets ship to Canada? If not, it might be worth it to do a day trip to the states and pick one up down here...
Have to agree about the octo being worth it though...they are unbelievably wonderful animals. Once you have one, you are hooked!

Thank you for the replies. The octopus at my local fish store is still unidentified. I will have to get some pictures or look at some more resources. It's size right now is about a hand. When its balled up hes about a fist. The only distinct thing i noticed is that it has two really dark midnight blue ovals that come and go on each side of its head. I read other threads about species recommendations and plan on identifying this one before i take the plunge. Someone posted a link for mail order. I have family in the United States so having them bring it is still an option if they dont ship to canada. Thanks again for making me feel welcome.
IMHO.....I agree with everyone else about my octo being worth it. I totally love her!

My roomate and I have kept a 2nd 75gal reef aquarium complete with tons of soft corals, fire shrimp, big clams, a clownfish, a beautiful unicorn fish and a bunch of other "eco-systems". My octo is set up in a separate 50gal tank and I find myself interacting with her more often than the other tank!

They have such personalities it's awesome!

So, just another 2cents from someone who keeps both kinds of tanks!

Good luck to you on your choice.

P.S. I got mine from my LFS for about $40 - she's a general O.Vulgaris

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