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Cuttlefish ink and beak

Just released the babies into their home this past weekend. So far it looks like they have little 'clicks' they hang out in, a group here a group there, and a couple that tend to hang out by themselves.


By mrfrogspawn at 2012-08-30


By mrfrogspawn at 2012-08-30

Interesting to see that they always attack the back of the shrimp. I wonder if they learn this or if it is part of their instinct. Crabs have visual weapons but the shrimp's sharp proboscis is less obvious.
They're 10 weeks old as of tomorrow, and not growing nearly as fast as they used to.

It must be instinct to attack the back of their prey. From their very first feeding of mysis shrimp they always went for the tail. I'm going to try to feed crabs again this weekend in hopes they're a little braver now. So far I haven't gotten them to eat any crabs, just shrimp and fish.
Mine exhibit the same behavior. They always hit right infront of the tail. Mine never actually eat the heads. They eat everything but.
I also tried crab with mine, but my cuttles never paid aany attention.
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