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Ink emergency!!!


Blue Ring
Apr 1, 2018
Lakewood California
About a week ago I removed my largest four month old sepia bandensis from my nursery basket. Tonight I decided to remove the second largest into the main tank with the other larger cuttlefish. The first thing he did was attack the first larger cuttle. They put ink everywhere!!! I immediatly siphoned as much ink out as I could. I only had five gallons of saltwater on hand. The water is stil pretty inky looking. My skimmer does not function properly and up until now my water quality has been great even with it malfunctioning. Now I am seeing inky foam being spilled back into the tank. First order of business tomorrow.... Get a better skimmer. But for now, what do I do? Will carbon remove the ink? How bad is it for the cuttles? Can it kill them? Please help!!!
Anything you can use to filter the water will help. If your skimmer is pumping, and you are using filter socks, place a sock where the water is being returned. I do this anyway to minimize microbubbles and add a bit more filtration.
Your youtube videos are great! Very helpful. I wasnt sure if the attack was an overzealous breeding attempt or aggression. I have only bred metasepia pfefferi before. I didnt think it looked like breeding but I wasnt sure if a different species would have a different approach. It is definatly aggression.

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