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Cubed aquariums


Aug 19, 2004
I was thinking of purchasing a seaclear cubed acrylic aquarium with the built in filter in the future.....it is spec at 60gal.....i was wondering if this would be a suffice home for an octopus......all replies will be appreciated and yes this is my first post and i'm a ceph rookie but have been researching for the longest time.
Welcome to TONMO.com
and yes your tank would be a good size for one of the medium sized octos :smile:
Col, I had a rather interesting chat with an engineer yesterday who indicated that the square tank was probably lethal for squid because of 'sound'. Now I laughed, because we all 'know' that octopus and squid cannot hear ..... strictly speaking (although sound travels extremely fast in water) ..... but what the engineer had done in the past, for a completely unrelated research discipline, had been to put a strengthening rod midway across the pane to stop it vibrating (and apparently they do, big time).

We're experimenting with this right now (have an engineering student with hydrophones etc in tanks ... just waiting to add squid). Have you ever seen a pane of glass with such a strengthening rod across the middle, in an aquarium, and if so, any reason for this?
A couple of other comments, too.

Before I bought my tank, I did a lot of research on acrylic and glass. At first I decided for acrylic. But after talking to tanks owners, I found that acrylic was easily scratched, and with the sharp edges of live rock, this was often a problem. Then algae would grow on the scratches. Also, it was more expensive and there was less choice of tank sizes.

Some further research revealed that about 90 percent of the reef keepers on big websites had chosen glass. Colin, too, advised me to choose glass. I'm glad I did, because when my octopus became an adult, she was prone to moving the live rock and scraping it along the glass.

Also, although our TONMO ocotopuses have lived in tanks of many shapes, if you have a choice, it's probably better to have a tank with a larger footprint and and a less tall for an octo.

Hi Steve,

i have never heard of that at all... is the diagram what you mean? All the way round?

I am a tad unbeleiving but i do know that sound in a tank is much louder than people think... EG my Xenopus frogs have a very sensitive lateral line system a bit like a fish and when i pressed my ear up to their tank the sound from the filter must have been like a jackhammer to them.... all day long. Since removing the filter the frogs are actually calmer and making sounds of their own towards breeding. And that was just from a run of the mill filter you cant hear outside the tank.

So, i do agree that sound causes stress but i doubt very much that vibrations caused by the sound of the tank are going to be any worse than that???

Please tell me the results :smile:

Yup, C, just like that. Perhaps you could try with tape to begin with (and place the pump back in the tank and see what the frogs do, and whether there's any discernable change in vibration/sound). Interesting to hear that the frogs didn't like the noise!

Nancy, Col, we'll give it a test shortly; if there is a difference for squid then I can move to more conventional tank shapes, and use glass, but in the meantime I'll have to stick with the cylindrical (expensive) arcylic.

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