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Looking for octopus for 30 gallon aquarium

I received my Pacific Brown Octopus from Salty Bottom Reef Company two days ago. So far it has been awake each night at 22:00 just after we go to bed. The rest of the time it is hiding under one of the rocks. This is early days so you will find the adventure in my posts.

I set up a small webcam last night. The octopus came out as soon as we went to bed and surveyed the aquarium. I have some poor videos take in almost no light.

This morning the octopus was not to be found.

I received the Blue Leg Hermit crabs and the Ghost Feeder Shrimp from the Salty Bottom Reef Company this morning, so I have something to feed the small critter.

I now I’ll see if I can raise the food for the octopus as well: 1. Fiddler crabs, 2. Blue Leg Hermit crabs and Ghost Feeder Shrimp.


I put some Blue Leg Hermit crabs and Ghost Feeder Shrimp in the aquarium and then set up the camcorder to record the nights activity.

The octopus now has a name Harley, from David Gerrold’s “When Harley Was One”

Around 2:00 the Octopus surveyed the entire aquarium. Harvey captured its first Blue Leg Hermit crab. There was a small skirmish between the one Cleaner Shrimp and the Harvey .

I have edited the recording and will try to post it below.
This is a heavily edited video where Harley investigates the food in the bottle. Harley spends a great deal of time just sitting still watching the "food" from different advantage points.


  • investigating the bottle no sound.mp4
    76.9 MB
We dropped a Fiddler crab in the aquarium last night. Harley reacted with lightning speed to capture and subdue the crab. It is difficult to tell when the crab gives up as Harley repeatedly tries to drag the crab into her liar.


  • Harvey eats Fidder.mp4
    51.7 MB
I started feeding Harley a small piece of shrimp, scallop or clam in a small water glass.
One of the most noticeable things was Harley repeated frantic darting across the entire aquarium seemingly looking at the glass and it's contents as Harley darted past.
After many fly-bys Harley settles on the glass, dives in and "captures" the piece of shrimp.

We also have been feeding Harley small Red, Blue and Yellow legged Hermit crabs. Harley pulls on the crab to eat it.
I still have to video the actual capture and eating.
However the Hermit crabs are very vary small about the size of a half a pea.

Last night we feed Harley the first Fiddler grab. The first problem is that Fiddler crabs live in brackish water and will die in salt water . Thus I wanted to find a way for Harley to relatively quickly find the Fiddler crab.

The solution was to place the fiddler crab in a small vase, with a small opening. The Fiddler crab could only escape with difficulty. By now Harley was accustom to the glass and the food inside.

Last night we put a female Fiddler crab in the small vase in the aquarium.

At about 2:30 at night Harley started the frantic darting across the aquarium, as has been the case when faced with food in a glass.

I have attached the video.

20210629 2-28AM First Fiddler Crab Meal.mp4

In this video you can see Harley touch and then pull the crab toward her, drop the crab and try again.
After capture, Harley waits presumably for the crab to die. The closeup allows you to see Harleys intense breathing and the siphon pumping water out. Water is sucked in from the Octopuses bottom and pumped out through the siphon .

Harley then retreats to eat in seclusion.
This morning was a traumatic morning, as Eva walked into the living room there was a very small brown spot or heap on the floor. First looking down and then reaching down, was a lifeless Harley. As I touched her, she moved. I quickly, in a small panic, lifted the dry but sticky creature and with two steps placed her in the aquarium. Harley jetted across the aquarium, inking along the way.
Harley then stay motionless sticking to the top side on the aquarium. As Eva and I watched wondering what would come next Harley jetted across the aquarium and recovered her senses and in panic disappeared into the depths.

To make this traumatic event worse, if that was possible, we could not make the required water change after an inking, the RODI saltwater tank was empty.


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