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Crayfish for a Bimac


Pygmy Octopus
May 26, 2003
I will be ordering one of fishsupplies.com tank raised bimacs on thursday as well as some feeder shrimp. I was wondering though about the practice of feeding octos crayfish. I live 50 feet from a perfect place to catch crayfish. when you put them in the saltwater how long does the octo have to get it before it dies from the saltwater exposure. I have a great sorce of food but would like as much info on feeding octos crayfish before I try it.

Hey Adrian:

Welcom to TONMO! If you have set up an octo tank remember to enter it into the OCTO Database on the main page.

I feed my bimac almost exclusively on crayfish. (I get them from my local fish store). He loves them and does not want to eat anything else. :roll: I have found that they will only live for several hours in saltwater. Thus you should keep a close eye on them and remove them from the tank if your octo doesn't eat them before they die.

You will likely find that a bimac will jump on the crayfish almost immediately once you put it in the tank. I try to feed Tralfaz once every other day. I also feed at the same time of day every time. he now expects to be fed and will come out and start to beg as soon as I enter the room. Thus, he is expecting the crayfish and usually snags it before it even hits the bottom of the tank.

You are lucky that you have a free source of food close by so why not take advantage of it. There are also several threads about feeding octos within this topic. You may want to check them out. Good luck.

Thanks George, I will receive my bimac today from fishsupply.com's tank raised inventory. How big is tralfaz in ratio to the crayfish you feed him? I will be sure to enter my tank in the database as well.

Yes I did get him. I had to go chase fed ex down to get him. Their service in my town is not the best. He aclimated well, he spent the first 3 hours exploring the tank and then hunted down a hermit crab and ate him. The damsels havent been to happy with their new tank mate, he has taken residence in a cave the twins used as a home. He takes it well though, when a damsel comes too close he eaches out with an arm and scares them away, I think if the damsels aren't careful they might just get them selfs hurt. We are still thinking of a name. Once I get a digital camera I will post pictures in the database.
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